Discover The Many Benefits Of Outdoor Therapy

When people are disconnected from nature and their own bodies, it can have an extremely negative effect, often leading to anxiety and depression.

Treatments like mindful walking are becoming increasingly popular, helping people to become more connected to the natural world.

By using techniques like mindful walking, ‘forest therapy’ (often known as forest bathing) helps people reconnect with nature in many effective ways. By immersing ourselves in nature, we can achieve feelings of peace and feel more grounded in the present.

Nádúr helps people from a range of backgrounds to train in outdoor therapy, with our accredited courses including those in:

Developed in collaboration with MIND Hillingdon UK, our Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner Training can be blended with our Nature Immersion option if needed. Our courses are designed so that you will be qualified to support people with mental health difficulties.

Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner Training covers many different topics, including sensory awareness and embodiment, mental health literacy and much more.

Find out more about our courses in forest therapy or please contact our team for more information.