Discover The Power Of Nature Based Therapy

Nádúr are proud to be nature and mental health experts, who offer training that introduces people to the evidence base, theory and practice of Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy.

All our methods are underpinned by scientific research and are designed to bring about meaningful change, both in terms of mental health and people’s attitude to the environment. There is a growing interest in Nature based therapy internationally to promote positive mental health.

With a large proportion of people now living in cities, it’s easy to become disconnected from nature, despite the fact it’s highly beneficial for our wellbeing. Technology has also led to people spending less time in the great outdoors.

Green care practices, such as forest bathing, helps people to reconnect in the most meaningful way possible. When people care more about nature, they’re more likely to take action to protect the planet.

The benefits of integrating nature-based solutions into the health system.

We aim to create a sustainable community of practitioners around the world. Nádúr offers a three training courses for those interested in nature-based therapy, including:

  • Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training
  • Certified Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner Training
  • 3 Day Nature Immersive Training

These courses are ideal for anyone who feels they have a strong connection to nature and want to share their passion with others. Whether you’re a social care practitioner, academic or mental health practitioner,  we’re always happy to offer more information on any of our training courses.

Find out more about nature based therapy or please contact our team for more information.