Interested In Mental Health Training Involving Nature?

Train as an Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner and you can help people reconnect with nature in the most powerful way.

Numerous studies have shown that spending time with nature has been shown to help with depression and anxiety. It can also lower stress and make someone feel happier, more relaxed and connected to the natural world.

Many people discovered the benefits of spending time outdoors during the pandemic, whether it was through visiting local beauty spots and or going for regular walks. Through one of our training courses, you can learn more about how to use your love of nature to benefit others.

Nádúr offers a range of training courses that focus on working in partnership with nature to boost mental health. These include those in ‘forest bathing’, a type of nature immersion that’s ideal for practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds.

Forest bathing, known as Shinrin-Yoku in Japanese, is a particularly popular type of nature-based therapy. In a forest, everything from the fresh air to the green surroundings stimulate our senses. Developing an emotional connection to the landscape can help us stay grounded in the present.

Guides work by supporting restorative experiences through sensory connection with the natural world. This includes working with people struggling with physical or mental health conditions.

Developed in collaboration with MIND Hillingdon UK, our training is perfect for anyone interested in this area of mental health.

If you’re interested in becoming qualified in forest therapy, find out more about Nádúr or contact our team today.