Learn To Deliver Forest Therapy Programmes And Interventions In The UK

Forest bathing is a simple but highly effective way to improve one’s mental health. It’s a great opportunity to escape modern technology and restore a feeling of inner peace. By becoming a therapist in this area, you can help clients to unwind and connect more meaningfully with nature, while reducing problems like depression and anxiety.

A sensory-based form of therapy, forest bathing can bring meaningful change into people’s lives.

One of the best things about teaching people this technique is it can be done in all kinds of locations. By taking in the surroundings of a forest using all your senses, it can have soothing and calming effects. There are so many stunning forests across the UK and beyond.

It can also be performed by people of all ages, adults and children.

Are you looking to become a certified Forest therapist?

Nádúr offers a number of courses for those looking to train as a Forest Integrative Therapy Practitioner. Our Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner Training is suitable for people from a range of backgrounds, including mental health and social care professionals.

You’ll work with individuals experiencing psychological distress, mild, or moderate mental health difficulties, with the course taking place over three and a half months. Training covers many different areas including sensory awareness and embodiment. All our courses are developed using the latest research.

If you wish to become an expert in forest therapy, find out more about our training courses. Or don’t hesitate to contact us today.