Support People To Deepen & Enhance A Meaningful Connection With Nature

The idea of enhancing your connection with the natural world to promote positive health and wellbeing is nothing new. During the romantic age and late 19th century, when cities were growing in size and the world was becoming more industrial, people recognised that something had been lost.

Poets like Wordsworth famously wrote about the comforts of nature and their words resonated greatly with people.

The importance of nature immersion therapy in the 21st century.

In a world where digital technology has taken over, nature-based therapies such as forest therapy and forest bathing are are needed now more than ever due to the climate and health crisis. An addiction to screens can have a negative effect on our mental health, including our ability to concentrate and feel good about ourselves.

Nature is an incredibly powerful and healing force. Spending mindful, quiet time in nature can help reconnect us to ourselves, each other and strengthen kinship with the natural world.

Today, becoming certified as a Integrative Forest Practitioner will help you discover all nature-based therapy has to offer.

Nádúr specialises in mental health, health promotion, and ecotourism. We have a number of certified training programmes that help health, social care and environmental professionals to design, deliver and evaluate 6 and 12 week programmes for specific populations. The training covers a range of topics including forest medicine and site selection; integrative health and wellbeing; mental health literacy, and much more.

Forest therapy can be carried out in many different locations in the world, including across the UK.

Once you’re certified you can introduce a range of nature based forest therapy techniques into your practice.

If you are interested in the emerging area of nature based therapy, discover more about Nádúr or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.