Carrie Starbuck


Social Media Manager and Team Assistant for Nádúr

Staring out of the train window while a waft of an unwashed armpit imprisoned me in a commuters’ hell, I had an epiphany.

I wanted more.

I wanted to be happy.

But what is happiness? What makes people happy? What will make me happy? I had no idea, so I packed up my belongings and my beloved dog into a 1990 VW campervan, and set off on a mission to discover what makes us happy.

As part of my MA in Education research I travelled across Europe I interviewed men and women about their mental health to get a deeper understanding of what made us tick. Buried in the complexity of what makes us human, I found something very simple. We all have an innate desire to connect; to connect with each other and to connect to nature.

More often than not, those connections are broken.

This disconnect is making us, and the planet, unwell.

The seed that was planted one day on a smelly commuter train was now a magnificent oak tree. Rooted in my love for our planet and all the people who live on it, I trained as a Nature Therapy and Expressive Arts Practitioner, with the singular aim of connecting people to nature and to each other, so that we can make this one precious world better.

All this coupled with my experience of leading an international education & training company and more recently, a London-based social enterprise that creates green spaces and green communities in urban areas, means I have a greater understanding of the corporate, political and natural landscapes that rule us all.

Today, through my organisation The Happylands, I work with individuals, organisations and businesses across London and the South East using a blend of Forest Therapy, Horticultural Therapy and Expressive Arts to support their wellbeing and encourage pro-environmental behaviours.



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