David Marshall


Embodiment Advisor for Nádúr
BSW, MSW, Chief Instructor Disciple Long Zhan, Qiqong Master

David holds an advanced Master’s Degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University specialising in clinical social work and psychotherapy. He has additional qualifications in EMDR, Rapid Trauma Resolution, and Addiction Counselling having worked in the public and private sector in the USA and Ireland. David maintains a private psychotherapy practice at Oscailt since 2009 with a speciality in supporting people with mental health difficulties.
He has been practising and teaching Chinese meditative, healing, and martial arts since 1999. David is Chief Instructor of the Yin Cheng Wu Style Taijiquan School and direct lineage holder passed down from Great Master Wang Pei Sheng of Beijing.
David has been certified by Monk Cheong Wol of Korea as a Master Qiqong Practitioner in 2017 and has previously trained full time in the Wudang Mountains in 2012 with the Xuan Wu Pai and with Sifu Mark Rasmus in Northern Thailand in 2019. All of David’s in depth training has been focussed on the embodiment of mind and body and to integrate this into daily life for optimum health. David has a passion for teaching people of all ages how to relax, energize, and achieve balance in their lives.



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