Forest Bathing Guide Training 


Forest Bathing Guide Certificate

Blended Online Training with Nature Immersion Option

Jointly certified by MIND Hillingdon UK and Nádúr, this training is suitable for anyone who has a strong connection to nature and wants to offer Forest Bathing in their communities, organisations, or wellness resorts. Typical backgrounds of individuals who attend this training include allied health and social care professionals, mental health practitioners, environmental professionals, eco-tourism guides, foresters, creative practitioners, academics, wellness practitioners, and people seeking to enhance their own nature connectedness.

This training covers the areas of nature-based health promotion, ecowellness, and disease prevention. Forest Bathing comes under the umbrella of ‘Green Prescriptions and Social Prescribing’. This is a two-week intensive online training programme followed by three-months of mentored practice. Guides must also undertake an outdoor first aid training.

This training addresses the following areas:

Integrative health and wellbeing

Personal nature connection and nature connectedness

The Nádúr Process Model

Nature-based wellbeing plans

Nature-based expressive arts (introduction)

Forest medicine and site selection

Adapting for urban nature

Circle work

Sensory awareness and embodiment practices



Environmental ethics and reciprocity

Safety and risk management


The World Bank Atlas Method is applied to the cost of this training:

High income countries: €1500

Upper middle income countries: €1250

Lower middle income countries: €1100

Lower income countries €1000

There is an option to complete a 3 day, in person, nature immersive training in a country near you. Please see current trainings for details.

Currently we are only offering this training in English but we hope to offer it in other languages soon. 


Forest food
Forest bridge with river
Calm therapy in forest
Touching trees
Nadur Forest Therapy

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