Nádúr has been actively working with a number of U.S.A Universities over the past 6 months. Nádúr Director recently gave a guest lecture online at the University of Wisconsin, U.S.A on Forest Therapy in Europe to students on the Therapeutic Recreation Programme. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, stating it was one of their most valued lectures of the academic programme. The lecture highlighted the practical aspects of Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy in Europe, outlining best practice case studies and giving an overview of ethical and quality assurance issues. 

In July, Nádúr, in partnership with  Nature Therapy Ireland  welcomed a group of students and Professors from the Western Michigan University who were engaging in an Ecohealth Study Programme in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Eco-Health is an emerging field of study researching how the earth’s ecosystems affect human health, including changes in biological, physical, social, and psychological functioning. The Ecohealth study program presents an opportunity to explore the various ways in which nature applies to human health, addressing concepts of healthy places, health-promoting environments and programs across urban and rural spaces. The program involved experiential learning in both Ireland and Northern Ireland where students met with professionals from health and human services as well as those from the green industry. 

They had a number of forest bathing sessions with Sarah Hourigan and discussed best practice in relation to Ecohealth and Green Mental Health Care. They were delighted to have had the opportunity to connect with the natural landscape in a deeper way and not just pass through it like typical tourists. Students came from a range of areas including occupational health, nursing and environmental sectors. 

Early in 2022 Nádúr Directors Shirley Gleeson and Dr Donal O’ Keeffe  have been invited to give a guest lecture on Forest Therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago to licenced physicians who are undertaking psychiatry training. They are focusing on alternative interventions within the health systems. Nádúr is delighted to see the interest in Forest Therapy from the medical professionals growing, especially in the area of mental health. Nádúr Director Shirley Gleeson has previously presented her forest therapy and nature and health work at General Practitioner training days and presented to Irish Doctors for the Environment. She has also trained a number of Psychiatrists from Sweden and Poland in Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy. 

Nádúr Director Shirley Gleeson recently worked with a number of academics from Ireland, the  U.K and U.S.A on an external validation panel to validate Ireland’s first Master’s training programme in Outdoor Learning that will have a major nature and wellbeing component. It is hoped this new Master’s will commence in September 2022. 

Nádúr is committed to developing best practice standards at a national and international level and engagement with universities is part of this strategy. If you are an academic and interested in a Nádúr giving a guest lecture at your university please email us at info@nadurforesttherapy.com