Nádúr Centre for Integrative Forest Therapy were delighted to have worked in partnership with Scottish Forestry, The Scottish Government Agency responsible for forestry policy, support, and regulation, to train 15 Forest Bathing Guides from all over Scotland. This training took place over one year and included three months of blended online forest bathing workshops, two days of nature immersive training and three months of mentoring. The Guides also undertook outdoor first aid training. 

During their mentored practice, the forest bathing guides undertook practice sessions with individuals and organisations throughout Scotland, including NHS staff, youth groups, the LGBT community, people experiencing addiction and  mental health difficulties and groups from socially disadvantaged areas.

Nádúr also worked on a joint publication titled “An Introduction to Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy” with Scottish Forestry. The purpose of this publication was to promote awareness of the health and wellbeing benefits of forest bathing and highlight the evidence informed practice. The research demonstrates that the stronger someone’s connection to nature the more likely they will engage in pro environmental behaviours. Strengthening nature connection, through the 5 nature connection pathways developed by Dr Ryan Lumber at the Nature Connectedness Research Unit at the University of Derby is central to all the  Nádúr training.

This project will be evaluated through Forest Research, the UK’s principal research unit responsible for forest related research.

Nádúr is delighted to have trained these fantastic guides that will now offer forest bathing sessions and programmes to the individuals and communities that need it the most throughout Scotland. Nádúr is a strong advocate for #NatureForAll and promotes inclusion and works to actively challenge injustice and inequality in society through raising awareness and empowerment.