Nádúr training franchise and organisational specific training

Nádúr Training Franchise

In order to reduce our carbon footprint and make trainings more accessible for individuals Nádúr offers a unique opportunity for a nature-based enterprise training franchise. We are hoping that we can start offering face-to-face trainings from 2022. Nádúr welcomes enquiries from interested individuals, businesses, or organisations around the world who wish to offer the Nádúr Forest Bathing Guide training or Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner training in their own countries and languages. 

We are looking for highly skilled trainers with previous training in Forest Bathing and/or Forest Therapy – highly ethical individuals or organisations with a focus on social business or social enterprise – who will deliver this training and adapt it to the culture and landscape of their country. The cost of training will be country specific, making it affordable and inclusive for all. 

Trainers interested in delivering the Integrative Forest Therapy practitioner training at advanced level must have mental health expertise and have a background in allied health, social care, mental health or psychotherapy. Nádúr will offer a full online training programme for individuals interested and training manuals (to be adapted in your own language and for your own culture). For enquires please contact info@nadurforesttherapy.com  


Organisational Specific Training

Nádúr is happy to receive training requests for health care organisations, hotels, and wellness resorts to train your team. Please contact us at info@nadurforesttherapy.com 


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