“This was the best training I have ever completed in terms of professionalism, educational value, pacing, content and presentation. I really valued the sensitivity, the real focus on participants’ wellbeing and the overall atmosphere.”

Katarina Wagner (Volunteer Counsellor) UK

“I am currently studying with Nadur to be an Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner . I would thoroughly recommend this training ..it is very professional, thorough with group work, mindfulness, reflection, ongoing personal nature connection as well as lots of group work to deepen the learning. The assignments are very practical and focus on building your confidence and using skills to set up and develop an ethical, professional practice networking with professionals and developing a forest therapy practice. It has given me the confidence to move forward in to this exciting, specialist field that I have been wanting to do for a while, to offer nature-based therapy at this crucial time.”

Caroline Cook, Horticultural therapist, UK

“I would recommend this training to anyone interested in helping people to connect with nature for wellbeing. The training delivery was excellent and had the perfect balance of skill development, self-practise, practical/business considerations, how we can give back to our planet, as well as the more spiritual elements of forest therapy. The mentored practice and Nadur peer support groups allow for ongoing support and growth in your development as a practitioner. The best training I have been on – thank you!”

Nina Alida Nordbo, Norway

“Having previously completed forest bathing training this additional training (Integrative Forest Therapy) takes a step further in outlining the applications and uses of nature-based techniques with specific client groups, giving me more confidence in facilitating specific interest groups in forest and nature-based therapy experiences. 

This course offered me the perfect platform through which I can combine my professional and personal training and interest areas – just what I had been looking for!”

Máire Shanahan – Tipperary Mindfulness & Wellbeing, Ireland

“I see Integrative Forest Therapy (IFT) as a true Irish gift. Something to export. The connection to nature – land. Shirley’s concept is rooted and it keeps evolving. I’m proud to have studied and learned from her. And impatient to integrate her next step with eco grief. A concept in evolution. She walks the talk.”

Karin – Denmark.

“Shirley, Suzanne and Kerry were extremely helpful, thoughtful and exhumed knowledge and experience. They were so aware and respectful to everyone and their passion is infectious. I previously worked in youth, community and social care work. I was taking some time out and I was drifting a little in the meantime, not sure about how to work with others and combine my connection with nature. This course has paved the way for me practically and I can see a clearer path ahead in terms of giving to others and giving back to nature. While I love nature, and it has given me so much emotionally, I have limited ecological and environmental knowledge and awareness. This course is packed with scientific resource and challenged the notion of my rights and nature’s rights. Nature, my gentle teacher and guide!!! I look forward to continuing my journey with Nádúr.”

Sam Giusti

“I have just signed up to become a Forest Bathing Guide with Nádúr & am very excited for the next few months of learning to become more aware of the nature that surrounds me. The possibilities of providing this experience to others later on this year is amazing.”


“I am delighted to have the opportunity to attend this training! A very informative course led by passionate and knowledgeable trainers!”

Aurora, Storyteller, Mindfulness teacher. Italy