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Why train with us

We are highly experienced practitioners and researchers, with multidisciplinary expertise in psychology, social work, health promotion, and mental health recovery, and stellar reputations as pioneers in the nature and mental health field.

We specialise in mental health interventions for specific populations across the lifespan

Our training programmes are grounded in psychological theory, based on scientific evidence, and developed using rigorous methodologies.

We operate an ethical pricing structure for all our trainings, aligning the cost of trainings to the World Bank Atlas Method ranging from low income economies to high income economies.

We are working on a number of different European projects in the area of nature and well-being and have a very strong international network of individuals and organisations

We are currently working with the world leading CPD (Continuous Professional Development) standards office in the UK to get all our trainings CPD accredited. This accreditation body is recognised globally and have the highest standards.

Profits from the trainings go to support the development of new projects in disadvantaged areas, further research and programme and training development.

We work tirelessly to forge new paths for job opportunities in this sector.

A commitment to ethics and integrity and deep respect for the natural world and the human condition underpin all of our work.

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Forest Bathing Guide Certificate 

This training covers the areas of nature-based health promotion, ecowellness, and disease prevention.

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Forest gathering

Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner Certificate

This practitioner level works with individuals experiencing psychological distress, mild, or moderate mental health difficulties.

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Forest training

Three Day Nature Immersion Training

There is an option to complete a 3 day, in person, nature immersive training in a country near you.

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