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Centre for Integrative Forest Therapy

What we do

Our team at Nádúr are nature and mental health experts. We develop cutting-edge nature-based interventions, underpinned by science, and train practitioners in the competencies necessary to deliver them. Our aim is to instigate meaningful change by having societal, environmental, and economic impact and integrating nature-based solutions into the health system. We resource community mental health initiatives, advocate for new green jobs, and create a diverse, ethical, and sustainable community of practitioners around the world. We challenge inequality, promote inclusion and diversity, and foster community.
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Our Mission

Nádúr was established to evolve, evaluate, and enhance the credibility of nature-based interventions and wellbeing practices in mental health, health promotion, and ecotourism.


Who we are

Nádúr means ‘nature’ in the Irish language. Nádúr Centre for Integrative Forest Therapy is a profit for purpose nature-based enterprise, with a strong social and environmental focus, driven by impact. We are leaders in our field, using business as a source for good. We are based in Dublin, Ireland but our reach is international. We adhere to the highest ethical principles in working with people and nature.
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What motivates us

Throughout the world, people of all age groups are spending less time outdoors. This has drastic implications for human and planetary health. Nature contact is vital to mental health and wellbeing and, without a strong connection to the natural world, people will not fight to protect it. Enhancing nature connectedness can reduce psychological distress, act as a support in mental health recovery, and inspire action to address the climate crisis. Belonging and life significance can be experienced through nature, by recognising our place in the interconnectedness of the natural world. With increasing inequality due to the global pandemic, we advocate for nature in all policies and ‘equigenesis’ (equal opportunities for access and exposure to nature for everyone). The rights of nature underpin everything we do.
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Forest Bathing Guide Certificate 

This training covers the areas of nature-based health promotion, ecowellness, and disease prevention.

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Forest gathering

Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner Certificate

This practitioner level works with individuals experiencing psychological distress, mild, or moderate mental health difficulties.

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Forest training

Three Day Nature Immersion Training

There is an option to complete a 3 day, in person, nature immersive training in a country near you.

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