Looking For A Guide To Forest Therapy And Its Benefits?

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In the modern world, many people live without having a proper connection to the natural world. That’s despite the fact that studies have found being around nature leads to more calmness, creativity and feelings of joy.

Spending more time outdoors can lead to a decrease in both depression and anxiety, lowering stress and blood pressure. What’s known as ‘forest therapy’ works by supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments. Based upon the latest research, forest therapy is a wonderful way to enhance health and wellbeing.

This practice has been around in Japan since the 1980s and is known as ‘forest bathing’.

Nádúr wants to help promote good mental health through the power of nature. Our name means ‘nature’ in the Irish language and you’ll find the therapy techniques we teach are very much environmentally-focused.

Our website is not only ideal for those looking for a guide to forest therapy, but anyone considering training in this area. As an increasingly popular type of practice, it’s a great time to become trained as a therapist in this area.

We offer a range of training programmes to help you get qualified, including enabling you to gain certification as a Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner.

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